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From Greg Brannon <greg.d.bran...@gmail.com>
Subject Help with setting Window/Frame styles
Date Sat, 22 Sep 2012 16:18:49 GMT
Am I setting the Frame's resizable style correctly with any of the 3 attempts 
in the following code?  I suspect not, as I'm not even seeing a change in the 
handles as described in the original report for PIVOT-826.

public class View extends Frame implements Bindable
    public void initialize( Map<String, Object> namespace, URL location,
            Resources resources )
        // change the title of the frame (works fine).
        setTitle( "My Frame Title" );
        // an attempt to set the container to a fixed size, but not working
        getStyles().put( "resizable", false );

    } // end method initialize()

 // . . . the rest of the file

} // end class View

I tried to the same thing with the main Frame defined by the bxmlSerializer, 
but the results were the same - I still have a resizable interface.

I also tried setting resizable in the bxml file:

 styles = "{padding: {top: 0, left: 4, bottom: 4, right: 4},
                showWindowControls: false, resizable: false}"

I don't think setting showWindowControls had any effect either, so I must be 
doing something wrong.

As always, thanks for your help and patience.

Greg Brannon
Hughesville, MD
(443) 684-2064

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