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From Camilo Casadiego <Camilo.Casadi...@adv.co>
Subject Process meter presentation problem
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2012 20:57:49 GMT
Hi there, I used the process indicator example showed in the example in http://pivot.apache.org/tutorials/background-tasks.html
and everything is working as expected...but at the end I want to show the process logo and
when the task finishes I want to show the normal working page...What I want to achieve is
something like this..

when the process is running should look like this..
and when the process is finished i want it to show the actual real window

To try to achieve this I have placed components like this

<Border bxml:id="borderB" styles="{backgroundColor:null, padding:2}">
       <ActivityIndicator bxml:id="activityIndicator"/>
    <Border bxml:id="borderA" styles="{backgroundColor:null, padding:2}">
       <TabPane bxml:id="contents"/>

Where this componets are contained into a big Frame class

ublic class BaseFrameController extends Frame implements GenericViewController

In order to show one or another this is what im trying to do

public void activateWaitAction(){

       public void releaseWaitAction(){

when the process startarts I call the first method and when finished I call the second one...but
nothing happens...I can show one or another window acording on the order I place the in the
bxml file...I know this should be a simple rendering problem bur rigth now Im really stuck..Any
help'll be really apreciated (The code regarding the task and task monitors works perfect
;) )

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