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From Josh R <tripano...@gmail.com>
Subject getSelectedNode from within configureContextMenu could return null
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2012 16:24:39 GMT

I've added a context-menu to my TreeView. Now, if I just
hover(position) the mouse over a tree-node and right click on that
node(without selecting that node with a left-click) then
TreeView.getSelectedNode() returns null. But I can certainly get the
node by using Tree.get(). So just wanted to check if this is as
designed. Anyways, just wanted to share my test-case so that other
beginners like myself can save some time.

here's my existing code(Note: In this particular code-path I'm going
to stop using getSelectedNode and just use Tree.get):

my_tree.setMenuHandler(new MenuHandler.Adapter() {

public boolean configureContextMenu( Component component, Menu menu,
int x, int y ) {

Path nodePath = my_tree.getNodeAt(y);

Object obj = my_tree.getSelectedNode();

if (obj == null) {
   obj = Tree.get(my_tree.getTreeData(), nodePath);
   if (obj == null)
     return true;

// use obj ...
return false;


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