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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: TableViewRowEditor or actually ListAdapter throws InstantiationException
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 08:43:52 GMT
Hi tomas,

> Hi Thanks a lot for your time !
it has been a pleasure

> Yes, you have understood my problem correctly.
good :-) ...
> I though about extending the Adapter as well, but then got carried away with other things.
yes, I imagine, so simple solutions are never without drawbacks ...

> Nevertheless, I came to the same conclusion as you have below, that the pivot model is
something I have to convert my Cayenne lists to.
> For two reasons, the one you state below, that they are more "Pivot:ish" and work better
inside Pivot and the other that I actually send in my Cayenne data model into the Pivot framework
through the ListAdapter having no idea of what the framework actually might do with it ;-)
> So, I have now converted "my data model" to "pivot model" where needed and are no longer
using the ListAdapter. Everything works great, so I have now released my first milestone of
a Pivot-based Cross Country Skiing competition management and time recording application at
http://blog.stenlund.cc .
this is interesting ( http://blog.stenlund.cc/?p=17 ), and the
application looks good :-)

> Once again, thanks a lot for your effort,
don't worry, and thanks to you for using Pivot ... keep us updated on
your applications :-) .

Note that In Pivot Home Page some time ago I removed most User
Comments (but only because they need too much space in the page), so I
moved them in this page (with a link to it):
maybe later if I find some time I could enhance that part of the site ...

If you have/want something to write, I'll be happy to host there ...
if you want send me (via private email) and I'd post them in the wiki.

Thank you very much,

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