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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Graph Visualization
Date Mon, 28 May 2012 13:31:00 GMT
Hi Ashish,

> Let me try with approach 1 below you suggested. Will use the Swing Graph APIs and Pivot
dropped inside Swing window.
Great ...
Others, please correct me if it's wrong: you could even try (as
alternative approach) to do the reverse: a Pivot Window containing a
Swing Frame/Window ...

> To make this work we have to be able to connect event handlers from one into the other,
and I'm not totally  sure if that is going to work.
Yes, usually tricks could be needed for event handling/bubbling
between Pivot and Swing, and screen refresh ... let us know if you
find some problems.

> I would suggest that a Graph project would be a fantastic addition to Pivot, even a basic
set of APIs to just create vertexes and edges would be much appreciated.
Yes I understand, and I'm sorry but Graphs it's a field where I have
little experience, and I have little time (because I have to work on
other areas of Pivot), so I can't help you so much, but for what I
can/have time, sure.

> I'm not that much of an expert on Pivot yet to start contributing but I can try once
I get bit more expertise.
Don't worry, anyone if free to do as much as want/has time ... even
only ideas/suggestions/bugs are always appreciated.

So the idea to start to put some content on a sandbox project could be
really good ... tell me (via private email, I need only your Google
account user name to give you grants) if/when you'll be ready to
And to be completely safe (both, even) you should sign the Apache
ICLA, but we can wait a little for this ...

> Thanks, Ashish
Thanks to you and welcome to Pivot :-)


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