Hi there Sandro, actually I need someone to help me as a freelancer to make some pages look nice...I think im a good programmer...but I sucks at graphical design...I didn't know about the new features on new version...actually I've been like crazy with my current project....also....if there's anyone interested on helping with user interfaces on pivot I'm willing to pay for it...


Im going to show you sme of mi rendered pages versus de bxml code...



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<workspace:LoginDialog bxml:id="dialog" modal="true"

      xmlns:bxml="http://pivot.apache.org/bxml" xmlns:workspace="co.com.adv.salarix.operations.module.controller.dialog"


      <Border styles="{padding:6}">

            <BoxPane Form.label="Ventana de Login" orientation="vertical">

                  <GridPane columnCount="2">


                              <Label text="Nombre Usuario" />

                              <Label text="Contraseña" />



                              <TextInput bxml:id="username" />

                              <TextInput bxml:id="password"  />



                              <ListButton bxml:id="choseServerList" />



                              <PushButton bxml:id="submit" styles="{minimumAspectRatio:3}"

                                                      buttonData="Aceptar" />










The big page is defined by 3 main components...the pasge itself is this one...


The red zone is loaded dinamycally, one example is the file atached...the tree menu is loaded programatically from a db...adn the big pages is defined by BaseWorkpsace.bxml....




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Hi Camilo,
sorry, to better understand your problem ... do you need only borders around areas (in the right side of the screen), or even other things ?
Can you post here the bxml used (or a subset of it ) ?

Do you know that with 2.0.1 now you can see something even in the BXML Explorer Demo (maybe could help) ?
You can try it online even from here: http://pivot.apache.org/demos/bxml-explorer.html

Thank you,