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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Apache-Pivot-Plugin for Grails
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 13:47:01 GMT
Hi all,
just published the release 1.0 of my Apache Pivot Grails Plugin (from
one of our Apache-Extras subproject).

With it you will be able to use Apache Pivot from server side and even
on Client side (inside Java Applets and/or Web Start applications)
downloaded from a Grails webapp.
Some doc is missing, but at least it's in sources. Of course many
improvements are possible, so if anyone is interested to try or like
it, tell me.
Plugin package and its release sources (containing even a test webapp
preconfigured with samples and docs) are in pivot-stuff downloads.

The basic idea is that with it should be possible in a simple way
(just install it in a Grails webapp) to have Pivot available at server
side, and with a manual change (not enabled by default for security
purposes) to web.xml even to client side (forwarding the same pivot
jars to client side if wanted/needed).

Note that currently you'll have to download it by hand and install in
a grails webapp from the downloaded zip (still I have to understand
how/where to put it to be able to download "live"), but I don't think
it's a big problem.

Currently is uses Pivot-2.0 jars, but now I'll start to update it to
2.0.1 and next make a 1.0.1 release even of the plugin :-) ...
Should be compatible with Grails 1.3.7 or upper, but I'm using 2.0.0
so probably I'll drop pre-2.0 compatibility if none requires it.

As code, it uses some Servlet and utility classes (not very much
Grails-specific, Ok :-) ) from the pivot-stuff-web subproject, and to
not duplicate code I chose to put inside the plugin only the jar while
sources are in the related project ... and they are Servlet and
utility classes so they can even be reused in other webapps (I
developed/tested all them in a standard webapp).

Some Info:


Sources and downloads are here:

ASAP I'll write a small Tutorial and maybe a Wiki page (both under
pivot-stuff) on how to use it.

For suggestions and comments tell me, but note that's my first Grails
plugin :-) .


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