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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Apache-Pivot-Plugin for Grails
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 17:04:20 GMT
Hi all,
sorry a small update on this:

while it's hot (at least in my mind :-) ) I just updated plugin
dependencies to Pivot 2.0.1 (and other small updates in the test
webapp, but note that this is present only in svn or in plugin sources
download), so now there is a new plugin release: 1.0.1 .

Download URL is the same as before, and all is tagged in SVN:


Note that having plugin release 1.0 dependency on Pivot 2.0 was a
design choice, so even this 1.0.1 release today with dependency to
Pivot 2.0.1 .

Still a small Tutorial has to be written, I know ... I'll do it ASAP.
I hope someone will be interested in this ... tell me if you like it
... or what you don't like.


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