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From Arindam Chatterjee <arin...@edossea.com>
Subject Help with Image Copy/Paste - Drag/Drop
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2012 22:23:00 GMT
I am running into some issues copying and pasting an image from a dental x-ray imaging software
into Pivot. For some reason the image is getting split along the left 1/3rd and joined to
the right. I have attached the original image (although this has been exported from the imaging
software as .jpg) and the split image from Pivot. Upon saving the image as .jpg from Pivot,
we get the same result. Any thoughts what might be going wrong? On a positive note, copying
and pasting from Paint or other imaging software works great. So we can copy from this Dental
X-ray imaging software and paste it to paint (it pastes fine) and then copy from paint and
paste it into a Pivot applet - then everything works great.

Any help is appreciated.


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