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From GK <grz...@gmail.com>
Subject Deploing pivot application using Java Web Start
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2012 22:55:04 GMT
I have quite strange problem with my application. It runs (and works)  
normally at my computer, but when I tried to run it via the Web Start it  
throws exceptions. More interesting is that there are different exceptions  
on IcedTea and on Oracle Java. On IcedTea I get:  
org.apache.pivot.serialization.SerializationException with message:  
"Script engine for 'javascript' not found.", and on Oracle Java:  
"org.apache.pivot.beans.BindException" with message: "customerCombo is not  
accessible." (customerCombo is a ButtonList object).
As I said earlier my jar works properly. All bxml files and dependecies  
are included into package.
Does anyone know what may be wrong?


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