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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Long-Term experiments for Pivot: WebGL
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 17:14:09 GMT
Hi all,
a crazy idea come to my mind from what I start to read, it seems that
WebGL will be more and more present in our future ...ok, now it's too
early probably and works good in Google Chrome (and sometimes in
Firefox), and a mandatory requirement is to have a good Graphics Board
(many times there is a better board in mobile phones that in many
corporate PCs).

But the idea to have GPU-accelerated GUI and effects looks very promising to me.
I know that there are already some Javascript libraries, but why not ?

It's not clear to me if HTML5 Canvas should be enough, but from what I
read probably not ... but this not the core of the question, if we
could have 3D graphics with realtime effects, compositing, etc why not
think big ? 2D graphics could be rendered as textures, or simply used
as compositing planes/layers.
Assuming that it makes sense for the market of Pivot applications. But
for example I'm thinking on new ways to explore data in interactive
way, etc ... I come from a 3D Graphics background, so could be my
vision of things.

The hard part here could be to leave open a way for applications
developers to write their "visual" skin.

Someone has already started to playing with some of them ?

For a long-term perspective ... a Pivot backend for WebGL (for what is
possible, but I think could be a great thing for the future) ... what
do you think ? Note that in this way we could solve even the
portability on Mobile platforms, and even try to work outside the JVM.

But please no flame wars, just to know if there is some interes on
this ... and if yes I could open a shared project on apache-extras so
we can together start to work on it. Identifying what can be reused
from Pivot (maybe all the BXML Stuff and many other things).

Note: I'm inside the Pivot project since its beginning in Open Source,
so I'm not crazy to write/ask comments on this, I only think that
things are evolving, so sometimes an idea could be interesting to
explore in a long-term perspective ... at least to say "no, it doesn't
interest me".


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