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From Piotr Kołaczkowski <p.kolaczkow...@sages.com.pl>
Subject Re: Performance and frame resizing patches
Date Sun, 01 Jan 2012 13:55:24 GMT
W dniu 31.12.2011 16:44, Sandro Martini pisze:
> Hi Piotr,
> as your other question, we will look at it just after the 2.0.1
> released (at least me, maybe others can have some time before).
>> Don't know why my previous proposition of memoizing the buffer has been applied only
to VolatileImage and not also to BufferedImage. :(
> Because we wasn't sure that the fix was good in all cases (if I
> remember well, Chris had some problems in one application), and with
> an important maintenance release as 2.0.1 (we are working on it since
> January 2011) and many applications based on it from many companies
> ... we chose a safer approach, but we will restart to look at it in
> 2.0.2 .
> Thank you for the patch for now, and Happy New Year even to you.
> Sandro

Ok, no problem.  Go ahead with the 2.0.1 release without my patches.
I'd like to see bugfixing releases more often. Almost one year for a 2.0 
-> 2.0.1 is very very long, and it actually forces us to use versions 
from trunk. Really, from outside it looks like the project is dead.


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