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From David Keen <DK...@sigtec.com>
Subject Re: ListViewItemEditor issue with consuming mouseDown events
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2011 04:55:43 GMT
Hi Chris,

>Am I right in thinking that when editing a row in a TableView, the
>current functionality results in the row being saved (ie, not
>cancelled) if a mouse click is made away from the editor, but if that
>mouse click is within the TableView another row will not be selected?


>So the editor is closed, but no other rows will be selected until a
>subsequent mouse click or keyboard event, and that this is the
>behaviour you are looking for with ListView?

Yes.  For my application that is what I need, otherwise I cannot prevent the editor from being

>Personally I would have expected the ListView & TreeView behaviour
>over the TableView behaviour, but that is probably a separate debate
>worthy of its own thread.  I think the important thing is for as much
>consistency as possible between TableView, ListView & TreeView.

I agree, looking at the way it operates after the change seems a bit weird.  And consistency
is important too.  It seems there's a couple of competing interests here!

My brain is not active enough right now to try and think of a solution which would satisfy
both uses.  (About to head home for Christmas break!)


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