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From Jason Dorsey <Jason.Dor...@netiq.com>
Subject Object Data Bindong
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2011 18:51:20 GMT

Is there a way to bind a label's text to an object's data during runtime?

I have created a pane that has a list of rows that display certain values from members of
data objects. These objects have threads that will alter some of these values based on the
outcome of those threads. What I am trying to do is bind the label text to the value of the
data member of that object. The data member is private, but I have a getter for it.

All the examples that I am finding are showing me what needs to be done when there is an action
in the UI to change text or when the binding is done in the initialize method. Since these
rows are being created dynamically I cannot use that as a reference.

Any help is appreciated.


Jason Dorsey | Engineering Intern
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Houston, TX 77027 USA
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