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From Piotr Kołaczkowski <p.kolaczkow...@sages.com.pl>
Subject Frame resizing bug
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2011 18:46:05 GMT

When I set Frame property resizable="false" - the resize handle in the 
right-bottom corner is not visible, but I can still resize the window, 
by clicking at the right bottom corner of the window.
How to make it non-resizable totally?

Also resizing resizable Frames is somehow problematic - if I start 
dragging the mouse too fast, the window doesn't start resizing. I have 
to position the cursor over the handle in the right bottom corner, then 
press LMB without moving the cursor, and then move. If I click it and 
then start moving too fast or too early, it just ignores me.


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