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From Piotr Kołaczkowski <p.kolaczkow...@sages.com.pl>
Subject Focus problem with child frames
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2011 17:01:10 GMT

My application consists of a Window in which I have several non-modal 
Frames open. These Frames serve a role of tool windows, while the main 
window contains the working-area of the application.

I noticed, that:
1. one Frame is always active (it has its titlebar highlighted), even if 
I click in the area of parent window, and *not* into any child frame
2. sometimes (?)  something (the active Frame?) eats my keyboard events 
that should be handled by the parent Window.

Is it possible to have several child Frames, but all inactive (if the 
user clicks outside of any Frame, into the area of the parent Window, 
only the Window should be active and child frames deactivated)?
Or how can I make the parent Window receive all the keyboard events?
Or is it a bug?


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