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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: pivot network performance
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2011 13:46:01 GMT
for sure 10 to 30 seconds for response time are not acceptable ... so
we have to see where is the problem.
Have you never tried our "Large Data Sets" Demo from here (
http://pivot.apache.org/demos/large-data.html ) ?
There we download many rows of data, in few time.

Are you running your application as standalone, or via Web Start or an Applet ?

What Platform (Windows XP, etc) and Java version (important, a lot),
and Pivot verison (2.0 , or current trunk, or other) ?

How do you communicate with your server side webapp ?
You say Spring, but what version, and how (remoting, http, etc) ?

The simpler way could be to exchange data via JSON, using Pivot
JSONSerializer and related classes. Or another of directly supported
formats inside Pivot, otherwise you'll have to handle/transform data.

And last, you say that the result currently is a java list object, are
you sure that even the transformation part from here (to Pivot data
structures) doesnt' take too much time (just to be sure) ?

Tell me.


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