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From guretzki <Thomas.Guret...@tik.info>
Subject AW: Rough equivalent of Swing JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2011 10:14:35 GMT
Hi Sandro,

thanks for your quick comment. This is one of many pieces of code I have written that would
IMHO be useful as an integral part of pivot.
Best place to integrate this one would be the DesktopApplicationContext class, I think (that
way, we could avoid duplicating the code
for DesktopDisplayHost and HostDialog). If you think otherwise, then I would indeed like to
have access to those both classes from
outside of DesktopApplicationContext, e. g. by making them protected (not ideal) or package
access. Or by taking them out of
DesktopApplicationContext altogether.
Let's agree on a strategy here, then I can implement it against trunk and send you a patch
together with the grant for usage in ASF derived work. Best to wait after the 2.0.1 release,
isn't it?

Apart from all that, I have also some code exceeding the (as I understand it) intended scope
of Pivot. Mainly, this is about integrations with MigLayout,  the spring framework and JPA.
I could imagine sharing that, too, probably best as part of the Apache Extras projects. Is
there some overview of those projects somewhere?

Best regards


Thomas Guretzki
Telefon +49 511 7631 334; Fax +49 511 7631 718
T.I.K. GmbH - Datenbankadministration & Softwareentwicklung
Königsworther Platz 6    30167 Hannover     Germany
Steuer-Nr. 2520601056
Geschäftsführer: Dr. Rainer Koch, Sitz: Hannover
Registereintrag: HRB 58144, Amtsgericht Hannover

Von: Sandro Martini [via Apache Pivot - Users] [mailto:ml-node+3319073-526669658-236352@n3.nabble.com]
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 8. September 2011 10:57
An: Thomas Guretzki
Betreff: Re: Rough equivalent of Swing JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog

Hi all,
many thanks to Thomas for the contribution here ...

>@developers: would you consider making the internal classes of DesktopApplicationContext
public or at least protected?
Yes, to me seem that put required stuff protected is Ok, if there aren't objections from others
I'll do it.
Please, can you tell me exactly what you need (or is it enough to try to build your code)

Note that we are freezing the 2.0.1 release, so this change will be visible for 2.1 release
(I can commit all changes in trunk, but just after the final freeze of 2.0.1), I hope this
is not a problem for you.

And last, are you interested to share your code with us ?
We could put it in Pivot, but in this case (and if there aren't objections from others of
course) you should put all the stuff in a zip, and attach in a new JIRA ticket (and important,
grant for usage in ASF derived work), otherwise we can't use it.
Or as an alternative solution, I could add you as committer in one of our Apache-Extras projects
(for example this http://code.google.com/a/apache-extras.org/p/pivot-contrib/ , but we have
others ...) so you can directly create a subproject and put/publish there ... but in this
case this will not be included in core Pivot.

Comments ?


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