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From Brent Atkinson <brent.atkin...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Eclipse plugin
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2011 21:27:24 GMT
Hi Alex,

I share the desire for a BXML editor with auto-completion. I agree that it
would make Pivot's BXML much more attractive to developers during
development. Are there any developers with eclipse RCP experience on the
list? ;D

Having said that, a BXML hierarchy is a View from Model-View-Controller? If
that is supposed to be true it is *not* obvious, at least IMHO.

Trying to map textbook MVC onto Swing, SWT or Pivot is going to give you a
headache for sure. MVC is usually a pattern for the applications, not the
frameworks themselves, though sometimes the components can follow the
pattern somewhat (like Swing's JTable and TableModel).

I would suggest trying to understand it for what it is rather than trying to
retro fit a textbook pattern onto it. If you've seen MVC and understand why
it is advantageous, it will serve you well in understanding how Pivot is
designed. In the absence of book-style documentation, attaching the Pivot
source in your IDE and using the debugger to step through your application
when it is not working how you expect can help immensely.

I'm fairly new to Pivot myself, but after having used it my understanding on
BXML is that it is a useful language for object creation and dependency
injection. It comes in handy for constructing the *static structure* of your
application's objects, not the *behavior* though you can use the scripting
support for some of that. Because Java is a language for describing behavior
using objects and messages (typical OOP), the two co-exist quite well.
Define the static structure using BXML, use the code-behind support to
hookup the behavioral code. It's addictively fun when you get the hang of



On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 4:54 PM, Alex Ryzhov <aryzhov07@gmail.com> wrote:

>> you can probably disregard that. In practice, the Component is more of a
>> view/model and the Skin a view/controller. Does that help?
>> http://pivot.apache.org/tutorials/platform-overview.html
> Yes, that's the document I read. What you are saying makes more sense but
> the picture is still messy. I brought up this issue with regards to BXML:
> Obviously, BXML is View. It defines the structure of Components, which are
> therefore View as well. But it also affects Skin which is a view controller.
> If Component is view model then why does it have methods layout() and
> paint()?

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