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From Chris Bartlett <cbartlet...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Strange focus issue on Windows XP with tables
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 19:07:25 GMT
On 18 August 2011 01:12, JohnRodey <timothyddaly@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am not using a virtual windows installation, just a standalone windows xp
> development box.
That was just a wild card that I wanted to rule out, so no problems there.

> I do not have any other browsers to test here, I don't have privedges to
> install opera or chrome.  I could maybe try at home.
OK, not a problem.  The more tests on different OSes, PCs, browsers &
JREs the better, regardless of whether they are home or work PCs.  For
instance if you have colleagues who *cannot* replicate this on their
work PCs, then that might tell us something useful.

> Ok so here is what I did with the component explorer: (I verified the issue
> doesn't happen when selectMode is single)
> 1. Turned off ComponentMouseListener
> 2. Changed to selectMode MULTI
> 3. Selected a row
> 4. Cleared Event Log
> 5. Ctrl+Alt+Del and cancel
> 6. Selected a new row (now two rows selected) and Here is my log:
> ComponentStateListener focusChanged [...TableView, null]
> ComponentKeyListener keyPressed [...TableView, 17, RIGHT]
> ComponentKeyListener keyPressed [...TableView, 18, RIGHT]
> ComponentStateListener focusedChanged [...TableView, null]
> ComponentStateListener focusedChanged [...TableView, null]
> *TableViewSelectionListener selectedRangeAdded [...TableView, 14, 14]*
> ComponentMouseButtonListener mouseDown [...TableView, LEFT, 311, 268]
> ComponentMouseButtonListener mouseUp [...TableView, LEFT, 311, 268]
> ComponentMouseButtonListener mouseClick [...TableView, LEFT, 311, 268, 1]
> So I think you are absolutely right that pivot thinks the ctrl key is still
> pressed because when its behaving it fires this instead:
> *TableViewSelectListener selectedRangesChanged [...TableView, ...]*

Thanks for taking the time to follow up with this.   We seem to be
making some progress but there are still a few things to confirm or
rule out.

1) Is this limited to Windows XP (and a certain service pack) or can
it be replicated on other Windows versions?
Windows 2000
XP 32/64 bit
Vista 32/64 bit
Win7 32/64 bit

(It might be possible to replicate on other OSes too)

2) Is the browser/applet side of things relevant?
One very useful feature of Pivot is that applications can be written
in such a way as to be runnable as an applet or desktop application
without any code changes.  This is true of nearly all of the Pivot
tutorials and demos, and specifically it is true for KitchenSink and

Is there any chance you can try to replicate the issue using these
demos (and the same XP machine you used for the other tests), but
running them as desktop apps rather than applets from
http://pivot.apache.org/ ?

They are both located in the Tutorials project, and therefore the
tutorials jar file
It is probably easiest to just grab it off the Pivot website & add to
your classpath

If you want/need an older version, you can download the binary
distribution, and extract it from one of the WAR files in the
'webapps' subdirectory.
apache-pivot-1.5.2.zip -> apache-pivot-1.5.2 -> webapps ->
pivot-tutorials.war -> lib -> pivot-tutorials-1.5.2.jar

3) Is this a Pivot issue or one that can be replicated with non-Pivot
Java apps (assuming the issue is a 'stuck' CONTROL key)
i.e. is the JVM seeing the CONTROL key as pressed, or is it just Pivot
seeing it that way
This can probably be investigated after 2) if the 'stuck' key theory
still seems viable.

The most important thing is to be able to reliably replicate the issue
in order to try to fix it (assuming there is something to fix).


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