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From Chris Bartlett <cbartlet...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Implementing a hyperlink element in Document
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 22:03:03 GMT

I don't have any experience with TextPanes, but #2 sounds like it
might be addressed by this thread from yesterday.


On 14 July 2011 04:39, Bill van Melle <bill.van.melle@gmail.com> wrote:
> I want to add a "hyperlink" element to a Document -- a stretch of text (or
> possibly an image) that responds to a user click by doing something
> (typically visiting a web page). At first blush, I thought, I'll subclass
> TextNode and add a mouse listener to it. That's wrong on a bunch of fronts
> -- TextNode is final, TextNode doesn't have appearance properties, and
> Document elements do not support mouse listeners.
> So after much consideration, I did the following, which mostly works (but
> see question 2):
> I subclassed Span to produce a new Element called Hyperlink. It sets its
> style properties suitably for a link (for now, that just means setting color
> blue). In its simplest form, it has a constructor that accepts a string of
> text and a url, and adds a TextNode to itself containing the text.
> I then subclassed TextPane and its Terra skin. In the skin, I override
> mouseDown/Move/Up. In each of those, I locate the element under the mouse
> and if it is of type Hyperlink take appropriate action. To determine the
> element under the mouse, I call Document#getInsertionPoint to get an offset,
> then Document#getNodeAt to get a Node. If the Node is a Paragraph p, I
> further call p.getDescendantAt(offset - p.getOffset()) to get a simpler
> Node. Then I fetch the parent of the node and test whether it is an instance
> of Hyperlink.
> (1) This approach mostly works, but seems kludgy. E.g., it implicitly
> requires that Hyperlink only appear inside my new TextPane subclass. Is
> there a better approach?
> (2) When the mouse hovers over a Hyperlink, I'd like to underline the link
> text. However, calling setUnderline does not have an immediate effect -- the
> underline doesn't appear until I either click or take focus out of the
> application (e.g., by Windows' Alt-Tab). Is this a bug, or is there some
> method I need to call? I traced thru the code, and it looks like there is a
> listener on the span that calls underlinedChanged and ultimately repaint,
> but the Eclipse debugger gets confused about where it is, so I can't tell
> for sure that repaint really gets called.
> (3) Once in a while, Document#getInsertionPoint returns -1 for no apparent
> reason. Unfortunately, I don't have a test case at this point.

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