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From SYSE | Edvin ...@syse.no>
Subject Re: Accordion like Component that allows multiple open panels
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2011 19:05:46 GMT
> I just knocked up a prototype of this, and it seems to work fine in

Nice work :)

> Single left click will open/close the clicked expander and close any
> other open expanders
> Single left click + SHIFT will open/close the clicked expander without
> changing the state of any other expander.

Perfect :)

> This allows 0 or more expanders to be expanded at any time, but could
> easily be changed to ensure that at least 1 expander stayed open to
> more closely resemble a traditional Accordion.

That could be a configuration option maybe.

>> The only thing I can think of that would be needed with this approach
>> is some sort of HeaderDataRender mechanism to allow the header of an
>> Expander to be rendered as the user desires.
> Having the renderer would give me all the freedom I need to get rid of
> the expand/collapse button (arrow).

Yes, the arrows aren't really needed when contained in an ExpanderGroup, 
so maybe they should be turned off by default. Having a renderer opens 
up possibilities to add icons and other stuff as well, so that would be 
very nice.

> I can post the code tomorrow if anyone is interested.

I'm very interested :)

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