For efficiency, I agree that we should suppress the second event.

-- Noel.

Chris Bartlett wrote:
I had a quick look and feel that the 2nd notification seems wrong (where the event's previousSelectedIndex is 0 while the TabPane's current selected index is also 0)

However, CardPane and Accordion behave in the same way, so any changes to TabPane should also be made to these for consistency.

I think it makes more sense to suppress the 2nd notification rather than leaving the user to deal with it, but I don't know how much of a problem this is in reality.  Perhaps just documenting the behaviour would be sufficient?

Any comments from others on the mailing list?


On 4 June 2011 14:31, Edvin Syse <> wrote:
I'm wondering if this is as intended or a bug:

When I add a tab to an _empty_ tabpane, two selectedIndexChanged events are called. I.e, when I add a TabPaneSelectionListener to a tabpane and call:


.. my listener fires twice, with previousSelectedIndex set to -1 and then 0.

The two events are fired by line 68 and 72 in

68            tabPaneListeners.tabInserted(TabPane.this, index);
70            // Fire selection change event, if necessary
71            if (selectedIndex != previousSelectedIndex) {
72 tabPaneSelectionListeners.selectedIndexChanged(TabPane.this, selectedIndex);
73            }

Should the if on line 71 take into account that previousSelectedIndex might have been -1 when invoked, like this:

if (selectedIndex != previousSelectedIndex && previousSelectedIndex > -1) {

.. to avoid the double event notification?

-- Edvin