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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Pivot-related projects on Apache-Extras done
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 23:57:45 GMT
Hi all,
(cross-posting to dev and users mailing list)
not I've just fixed some typo ... and added Greg as project owner
(like me) in all those projects.
And marked for deletion my scavot experiment (to reduce noise).

To Andrei, Edvin, and all others:
Pivot-Scala curently contains only the skeleton structure of a
multi-project workspace, and some Scala Maven based simple tests (as
soon a spossible, after the 2.0.1 release I'd like to convert them to
a maven archetype like pivot-quickstart-scala-archetype), but nothing
other (implicit classe to convert between Scala and Pivot collections
are missing, and many other things).
Pivot-Groovy is empty ... I'd like to create at least a structure like
that in Pivot-Scala, and as a beginning, copy there some old code made
by Greg some year ago (Greg, do you remember your old Groovy Demo that
we had to remove because the old Groovy License ?), but if someone has
something, it's welcome. On the Groovy side I'm (as always, very
slowly) writing a Plugin for exposing Pivot in a Grails Webapp, but
currently it's under pivot-stuff and it's mostly written in Java ...
On the Groovy side I have some ideas, like something to expand Pivot,
like Griffon but it's a complex/hard thing ...

Note that currently most projects here are empty or have little
content inside, but (finally !!) since today we have all grant to
start work on them, and to add grant to others that want to help us
and work on some projects ... at the moment I hadn't time to publish
some guidelines (in the wiki) to join, but as a quick summary it's
- follow the same good rules of Open-Source projects, but without all
licensing restrictions that Apache made to us on the main Pivot
- all Pivot Developers are here Owner (or at least Commiters), if wanted
- organize code in subprojects, maybe some general project (for
example containing dependencies to Pivot) and maybe a common project
with classes to simplify interaction with the project main language,
but only as suggestion .. some projects are maven-based so this is not
  For an example of organizing projects inside, take a look here:
  (note that probably now some test projects inside pivot-stuff can be
moved in another project here, or even archived ...)
- commit code that's good and at least that compiles
- use a consistent pagkage names (for example
org.apache_extras.pivot_scala, or pivot_scala directly ...)
- source control via Subversion, but it's not mandatory ...
- IDE: eclipse, but it's not mandatory ...
- etc ...

We will have to see how to keep some quality check on code, because
anyone of us has very little time, but let's see ...
I don't think we will enable discussions in mailing list/forums here,
until problems we should use main Apache Pivot Mailing Lists.
For Issues probably we should handle here ...

For info, comments, etc we are here ... we (Apache Pivot developers)
will be happy to have other developers join here, and then see what to
do, see this as an incubation area for Pivot-related things.
Niclas (one of the minds behind all this) and Greg can explain better
(and for sure in a better English :-) ) the goal of all these projects

At the moment I've created some projects, organized by language
(Scala, Groovy, JRuby, Jython) or by area (JFreeChart integration,
already existing and moved here), (various) Stuff (like my
Pivot-Grauils-Plugin currently under development and some example with
Maven), a Contrib area, and Extras area, etc ... but if someone has
other ideas, they are welcome.


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