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From Wim Goeman <wimgoe...@gmail.com>
Subject Webkit component
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2011 12:39:01 GMT
Hi all,

I made this small app which allows to installs new versions of a J2EE app,
basically an "updater". What I would like to do next is integrate Jetty into
it, so that the updater becomes the all-in-one app.

I am pretty confident about the Jetty part, but I was wondering if the
possibility exists to show a webkit based browser frame in my pivot app. If
that is possible, I could have 1 tool to update the program, manage the
server instance and actually use it.

Any hints on how I could accomplish the webkit thing? Doesnt have to be
webkit, as long as it is an HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript thing I would be happy.


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