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From Edvin Syse <ed...@sysedata.no>
Subject Re: Animated gifs in TreeView node icons
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2011 13:27:45 GMT
Den 20.06.2011 15:11, skrev Chris Bartlett:
> Good to hear it was painless.   It goes to show that I should 
> obviously defer to Greg's suggestions more often :)
> I see you are calling    treeView.getParent().repaint();
> Does the parent need to be repainted, or could you get away with just 
> repainting the TreeView?
Absolutely, that was just another bug. I was in the phone when I wrote 
it, so my concentration was off :)
> Also, bear in mind that there are multiple repaint methods, including 
> the following two which *might* help to optimise repainting.
> http://pivot.apache.org/2.0/docs/api/org/apache/pivot/wtk/Component.html#repaint(org.apache.pivot.wtk.Bounds

> <http://pivot.apache.org/2.0/docs/api/org/apache/pivot/wtk/Component.html#repaint%28org.apache.pivot.wtk.Bounds>,

> boolean)
> http://pivot.apache.org/2.0/docs/api/org/apache/pivot/wtk/Component.html#repaint(int

> <http://pivot.apache.org/2.0/docs/api/org/apache/pivot/wtk/Component.html#repaint%28int>,

> int, int, int, boolean)

I though about that, but that means querying for the node bounds before 
each repaint. This would be the obvious optimization if the repaint is 
too expensive, but it seems to not matter at all :)

-- Edvin

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