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From Edvin Syse <ed...@sysedata.no>
Subject Re: Examples still using namespace.get() instead of @BXML
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 21:52:49 GMT

Den 06.06.2011 23:38, skrev Brent Atkinson:
> Edvin,
> I don't see the namespace code as being a huge problem. It a perfectly
> valid way to produce the example. It also is ideal for learning in that
> it doesn't require code signing without violating any fundamental
> language features like access protection
> (public,private,protected,default).
> Adoption is contingent on functionality and ease of use. Using @BXML
> seems easier/better until you realize it carries with it the additional
> requirements. I think you may be overstating the difficulty/ugliness of
> the lookups. If you argued registry vs dependency injection I think I
> may have agreed more with you.

The first time I looked at Pivot, this was one of the things that put me 
off - I was used to dependency injection, and said to myself I wouldn't 
go back to this. Violating this fundamental language feature happens in 
almost every framework :) I guess I just quickly glanced at Pivot, saw 
some stuff I didn't like, and discarded it.

I feel there are two ways to do this, and that @BXML is the most ideal 
way, provided that you are signing your app. I think it might be 
misleading that some examples use @BXML and others don't, and that it 
would be far better to explain the namespace.get() and code signing on a 
dedicated page, so that the two approaches can be explained in one place.

That said, I agree this is not a big deal at all, sorry for wasting 
everyone's time on this :)

-- Edvin

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