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From Edvin Syse <ed...@sysedata.no>
Subject Re: Maven Archetype
Date Sat, 21 May 2011 16:34:08 GMT
Allright, here goes :)

Unzip the archive and run mvn install to install the quickstart 
archetype to your local repo.

To create your first Pivot application do:

mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=org.apache.pivot 
-DarchetypeArtifactId=quickstart -DarchetypeVersion=2.0 
-DgroupId=com.mycompany -DartifactId=myapp

 From there you can either start the app using Maven like this:

mvn compile
mvn exec:java

Or you can start org.apache.pivot.wtk.DesktopApplicationContext with
com.mycompany.PivotApplication as the first argument from your IDE.

For convenience, a main method is included in 
com.mycompany.PivotApplication as well.

Tell me how it goes :) If there is any interest, it would be cool to 
create a more complete quickstart that showcases Pivot a bit, and then 
push it to the central maven repo.

Sorry for the prententious naming of the archetype :)

-- Edvin

Den 21.05.2011 17:22, skrev Rob Shepherd:
> Thanks Edvin,
> However, with regards the specifics of any pivot archetype: I'm not sure :)
> I'm actually just investigating whether or not pivot is a suitable
> technology to adopt,
> and I base my request on the "quickstart" archetype that the Apache
> Wicket has developed which does the following.
> 1. Sets up a complete example of the most essential wicket components.
> 2. Includes jetty libraries and bootstrapping to quickly just "run"
> the application
> 3. A working unit test for the components in (1.)
> The benefits are thus:
> * I can quickly get an barebones working wicket application that I
> can easily hack on
> * A build environment with all dependencies is created
> * I can quickly knock up a mini-project to just test an API feature
> or a third party component without dirtying or having to wait for
> the re-build of the huge client application. (From this
> mini-project I can then copy the resulting code out and trash the
> quickstart)
> * Wicket also use quickstarts for raising bugs, with isolated issues.
> Unfortunately I only stumbled upon Pivot yesterday and so I don't
> anything about what is needed to be included.
> Neither do know how to implement an archetype, sorry - ( looks like I'm
> just a greedy selfish consumer of such goodies! :) )
> However, some sort of minimal working project quickstart would be
> beneficial to speed up initial evaluation.
> With thanks
> Rob
> On 21/05/2011 12:40, Edvin Syse wrote:
>> I'd be happy to create one.. besides setting up dependencies and
>> creating a main class, what would you like the archetype to prepare
>> for you?
>> Den 21.05.2011 12:15, skrev Rob Shepherd:
>>> Hello,
>>> I've seen this has had some attention in the past - but I was wondering
>>> if there is a Maven archetype available for pivot quickstarts?
>>> Thanks
>>> Rob

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