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From Greg Brown <gk_br...@verizon.net>
Subject Re: The patchwork that is Pivot layout
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2011 02:59:17 GMT
> Um, are you aware of the Adapters which are provided for most Listeners with 2 or more
methods?  They have minimal/no-op method bodies and are intended to be extended, 
> No, I wasn't.  Eclipse doesn't propose them as suggestions, so it would have taken some
exploring to find them.  But I bet that's a Java idiom, right?  

Yeah, sort of. The difference is that .NET uses delegates for listeners, whereas listeners
in Java are often defined as interfaces. If a listener interface has more than one method,
it is common to provide an adapter class. By convention, Pivot defines these as static inner
classes of the listener interface.

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