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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Pivot-related sites on Apache-Extras
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2011 23:01:43 GMT
Hi all,
probably some of you have read some news on Apache-Extras ... for some
intro look here:
etc ...


as a container for Apache-related projects, hosted by Google.
Projects hosted here are not real Apache projects, but exactly for
this we have less restrictions (see hosting terms and apache
constraints there) than for example in Pivot.

What it's important for us is that all our Pivot-related projects
(previously on GoogleCode) have been migrated to Apache-extras, you
can get a list for example following this link:


So, if anyone is interested to start contribute in a Pivot-related
project, tell me and I can give write access to projects, and start to
work with us extending Pivot in these related projects.
 Of course we are thinking even to start put some extensions to Pivot
in one of these projects, and see after if/what to do with that code.

As a general rule I'm thinking on the followings (I still hadn't time
to write), but can be updated as required, don't worry:
- Pivot Developers get the administrator role in all these projects
(where/if wanted)
- others could get a Developer (Member) role

Inside any project I'm thinking on a simple structure,
a project containing Pivot release artifacts, and 1 .. n projects
referring to it.
Note that in case of Maven projects no dependencies are required.
But structure is not fixed, all this it's just to start.
Projects: usually eclipse projects.
Packages for code: usually the name of the project.
The only requirement I ask is to commit code that compiles, and of
course code that's good (by Apache quality rules).

For a working sample (maven and not, eclipse projects) take a look here:
note that both projects are migrated but currently the content is
visible only from the previous URL ... strange.

Currently I'm the only Developer, but only because I created the
request of project creation/migration :-) .
At the moment the migration is not complete, you can find active issues here:


for example, in some project none of us is an owner so we have to wait
someone at Google, but others are already migrated.
Last, at the moment I haven't enabled mailing lists etc there ... and
don't know if it will be in the future.

For comments, suggestions, request to join, etc we are here.


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