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From Daniel Ziltener <zi...@lyrion.ch>
Subject Re: A split pane inside any other pane seems not to work?
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2011 16:12:10 GMT
Ok, I'll try that. Is that a bug in BoxPane that this doesn't work

2011/3/7 Greg Brown <gk_brown@verizon.net>

> Correct. You probably don't want to put the SplitPane in a hierarchy where
> you have a BoxPane as an ancestor. I'd recommend using a TablePane instead
> of a BoxPane in this case.
> On Mar 7, 2011, at 10:32 AM, Daniel Ziltener wrote:
> Actually, I can wrap the SplitPane with whatever I want, as long as there
> is a BoxPane involved in layouting it doesn't work.
> Right now I have the following hierarchy up to the problematic SplitPane:
> Window -> Border -> FlowPane -> BoxPane -> StackPane -> SplitPane. And
> SplitPane apparently gets a height of 0 as long as neither the SplitPane nor
> any of the contained components get an explicit preferredWidth.
> 2011/3/7 Greg Brown <gk_brown@verizon.net>
>> > Apparently such a container is non-existent and preferredWidth and
>> preferredHeight has to be used.
>> What makes you think that? There are plenty of containers that you could
>> use for this:
>> Border
>> GridPane
>> StackPane
>> TablePane
>> TabPane
>> Window
>> You have to set an explicit preferred size *somewhere*, but that is
>> generally done at the top level on Window, either via the "maximized" flag
>> or via the pref. size properties.
>> > I think I'll just have to listen to width and height changes and then
>> set the preferred sizes manually.
>> You can do that, but as I said, it's really not the "right" way to do it.

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