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From Pierre Jansen <iron...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: SuggestionPopup with large number of options
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2011 15:24:54 GMT
> See
> http://pivot.apache.org/2.0/docs/api/org/apache/pivot/wtk/Component.html:
> setPreferredWidth(), setPreferredHeight(), setPreferredSize() (preferred
> size)
> setMinimumWidth(), setMaximumWidth(), setWidthLimits() (width constraints)
> setMinimumHeight(),  setMaximumHeight(), setHeightLimits() (height
> constraints)
> setWidth(), setHeight(), setSize() (actual size; don't use this unless you
> are writing a layout manager or performing layout manually)

I've tried setting the SuggestionPopup's preferred width/size, but this
still doesn't prevent getPreferredWidth() from being called on the contained
ListView's skin (the costly method in this case). The method which
eventually gives rise to this call is
TerraSuggestionPopupSkin.windowOpened(Window). This method doesn't take into
consideration any of the SuggestionPopup's size settings (min/max/pref),
instead it only deals with the contained listViewBorder field's preferred
size, which is out of reach for the application developer (me) as this field
is private.

I think I will settle for one of the earlier mentioned workarounds, so no
need to give this issue too much thought.

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