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From Pierre Jansen <iron...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: SuggestionPopup with large number of options
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2011 09:14:56 GMT
> > I've run into a situation where occasionally I have thousands of possible
> options supplied to a SuggestionPopup. As soon as I make the SuggestionPopup
> visible, the EDT sometimes locks up for more the 600ms.
> ...
> > Does anyone have any suggested workarounds / solutions?
> Have you tried setting an explicit preferred or maximum width on the popup
> itself?
How would I go about doing that? It seems that neither the popup nor its
skin supports setting the preferred/maximum/ actual size.

> > In the meantime, I'll have to resort to displaying suggestions only once
> a sufficient number have been filtered out.
> From a user interaction standpoint, that might be a better alternative
> anyways. A typical user is probably not going to have the patience to scroll
> through thousands of suggestions.  :-)
Fair point, though in terms of consistency, it might be nice to indicate to
the user that each of his/her actions (keystrokes in this case) has
corresponding results.

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