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From Marco Castillo <mabcasti...@gmail.com>
Subject Drag and Drop using a TreeView as the DropTarget
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2011 20:06:21 GMT
Dear List:
We have a split pane, in the left part of the pane there is a tree view with
directories, in the right pane there is a TableView with the file detail for
each directory. Each node and branch of the tree represents directories. A
node is a directory without directories within. We implement a drag and drop
feature using the TableView as the source and the TreeView as the target.
The drag and drop functionality will move a file from its current directory
to another (the one selected in the source). The drag source functionality
works quite well, but in the target functionality we found a problem. The
problem is that when we drop the item within the tree, we can't correctly
choose the selected branch or node we want to drop the dragged item. How can
we found which is the branch or node within the TreeView that is selected by
the mouse when we hover over the TreeView? Is there a way that we can define
a single branch or node as a drop target?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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