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From Noel Grandin <noelgran...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: The patchwork that is Pivot layout
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2011 14:28:16 GMT
Greg Brown wrote:
>>>> At the moment, the "fill" style of BoxPane is doing double duty.
>>>> It means two things for a vertical boxpane
>>>> (1) make the component fill the available width if the component is smaller
than the boxpane width
>>>> (2) if the components preferred width is greater than the available width,
cut off the component.
>>> Actually, in #2 the component isn't simply clipped to the box pane's width -
it is given its constrained preferred height. This gives the component a chance to wrap its
content, which wouldn't be possible without the fill style (we need a width to constrain against).
>> Yeah, but we want to give components the chance to wrap even if fill is false, which
is not currently the case.
> In order to wrap, a component needs a width constraint. The "fill" flag allows us to
use the width of the BoxPane as this constraint. Otherwise, how would we know what the wrap
width should be? The only other way to do it would be to assign an explicit preferred width
to the component.
In layout(), we have a width constraint we could use, which is the width that has been allocated
to us. Similarly in
I already prototyped this, so I know it solves Bill's problem. (but I haven't implemented
a complete solution yet).

>>>> Border could do with having alignment and fill styles, which is a fairly
straightforward change and would make this
>>>> class more useful.
>>> It could, but I'm not sure how much value that might really offer. How often
do you want to put something in a border that doesn't completely fill the internal space of
the border? Probably not that often, and when you do, you can use BoxPane, TablePane, ScrollPane,
>> Alignment and fill would affect how the bordered component sits within the space
allocated by the parent container. So
>> if I wrap a component in a border and put it inside something else, I don't necessarily
want it to fill the space within
>> it's parent.
> That sounds similar to what Bill described. But, as I mentioned earlier, Pivot doesn't
define horizontal or vertical alignment properties on the Component class. Layout customization
properties are defined by the container, not the child component. The only input a child component
has into the layout process is preferred size.
ImageViewSkin and LabelSkin already have "child" properties like this. So we have precedent.
I implemented something similar in BorderSkin as an exercise. Pretty straightforward.
 I'm just waiting on the outcome of this discussion to see if I should check it in.

I agree that this is (minor) violation of the DRY principle, but I like my libraries to have
some redundancy, especially
when it eases the life of client programmers.

Regards, Noel.

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