That is what I came up with too, just based on a quick look at the TerraTooltipSkin code.
Although it sets up a mouse listener on the Display, I don't think of that as being a problem.

You may well be right about there being a better way to achieve this though.

The only issues I saw were 
- Configuring the Display used for the tooltip so that it doesn't accept focus.  
That way, the primary Pivot window will continue to have focus.
- Disabling the fade transition (but I never have them enabled anyway!)

Screenshot attached if you are interested.  
(Uses most of the files in here


On 4 February 2011 19:03, lello <> wrote:

I tried a quick hack, but it didn't work as it should.
The problem I found is that you have to add mouseListeners to the display or
the tooltip won't close,
when you move out of the tooltip. But I don't really know the internal API
of Pivot, and there might be a better solution.

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