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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: where is com.kitfox.svg.SVGDiagram?
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2011 23:55:10 GMT
Hi Greg,

2011/1/31 Greg Brown <gk_brown@verizon.net>:
>> just seen the same issue even in the Maven version of downloaded jars:
>> in the 2.0.1 I'll add the (optional if possible) dependency on
>> SVGSalamander to WTK.
> It is optional - it is only necessary if you want to use a Drawing in your app.
Yes, I agree but as explained here (
) could be a good addition as optional dependency.

Take a look at this (from that page):

Why use optional dependencies?

It's not only important to declare optional dependencies in order to
save space/memory/etc. It's vital to control the list of actual
dependencies a person needs in order to use a project, since these
jars may eventually make it into a WAR, EAR, EJB, etc. Inclusion of
the wrong jars may violate a license agreement, cause classpath
issues, etc.
How do I use the optional tag?

A dependency is declared as optional by simply setting the <optional>
tag to true in your dependency declaration.

So, is it Ok for you (and others) ?
Tell me so I can fix it (I've already found the maven repository and
data for referring to svgSalamander), so now I have to make some tests
(for example if the remote repository is not reachable, if Pivot
artifacts will be downloaded and working the same, etc), but I think
the fix will be simple.

Otherwise (probably a more long-term solution) could be to split out
the drawing part of wtk in a dedicated subproject (with its jar) with
their dependencies ... maybe for 2.1 or 3.0 .

Probably could be useful to open a jira ticket for it, and put there
all these info, so we can see when/how to do with this ...
Comments ?


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