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From Greg Brown <gk_br...@verizon.net>
Subject Re: How to get a wrapped TextInput?
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2011 13:04:41 GMT
> ...skins are a royal pain.  I can sorta see how they provide an avenue to extravagant
customization, like WPF control templates do.  But to the average programmer, the distinction
between component classes and their skins and which properties live where frequently seems
arbitrary.  Every time I want to set attributes on an object, I have to look two places in
the javadocs, and use two different syntaxes in bxml.  
> Sorry to rant like that, but the preceding paragraph spells out what I think is by far
the greatest weakness of the Pivot framework.

I agree that this can be kind of a pain, but it does have benefits. The separation of styles
and intrinsic properties provides us with the flexibility to vary skin implementations without
breaking binary compatibility. FWIW, HTML has the same usability issue - some properties are
specified as CSS styles, while others are simply element attributes.

Note that you can use the following syntax to set styles if you prefer:

<Label text="Hello World">
  <styles color="#ff0000" font="Arial BOLD 24"/>

This is more consistent with how values are set elsewhere in BXML. The JSON syntax is supported
more for legacy reasons than anything else.

> Add to that the fact that there's no smart editor for bxml files, and the result is it
takes me an order of magnitude longer to write a bxml file than it does to write the corresponding
xaml file in WPF.

I agree. I really appreciate Eclipse's code completion features in Java, and I do miss having
them when editing BXML.

> Meanwhile, I guess I should just submit a feature request?  Seems like adding an "AcceptsEnter"
property to TextAreaSkin ought to be a super easy change.

A feature request would be good - though a boolean "multiline" style might be clearer.


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