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From Greg Brown <gk_br...@verizon.net>
Subject Re: How to change skin
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2011 00:49:02 GMT
If you want to change the skin of all Calendars, you can call Theme#set() to map Calendar.class
to your custom calendar skin. If you only want to change specific Calendar instances, you
can create a custom Calendar subclass (e.g. MyCalendar) and add a mapping of that class to
your custom skin class to the theme.

On Jan 8, 2011, at 2:05 PM, anton dos santos wrote:

> Hi
> I need a calendar where only month and year can be selected.
> I choose to customize a regular Calendar with a simplified version of TerraCalendarSkin
( without the days table). But when I invoke setSkin() on it, I get an exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException:
Skin is already installed. I also tried skin.install(), but then I still have the initial
> Or should I do it differently, without skin?
> Regards
> Anton

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