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From Taro App <appt...@gmail.com>
Subject FileBrowserSheet Issues
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2011 02:54:57 GMT

I'm building an application with Pivot 2.0, and have issues with

One problem is that files with long file names are not recognizable in
FileBrowserSheet. File names such as
LongFileNameSalesRevenueDataFor201012.csv and
LongFileNameSalesRevenueDataFor201101.csv are both displayed as
LongFileNameSalesRevenu, then users cannot select the data file for
Jan, 2011, for example. Workaround is to change the width of
FileBrowserSheet window, but it would be better if the width of "File"
column is adjustable.

Another problem is that disabled file filter and open multiple do not
work together. When I set disabled file filter and
setMode(Mode.OPEN_MULTIPLE), users can only select one file. I have
not found any workaround for this issue.

Any Help?


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