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From Taro App <appt...@gmail.com>
Subject TextArea issues & questions
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2011 05:23:08 GMT
Hi list,

I have several issues/questions with TextArea:

1. When I copy and paste Excel data to TextArea, tab characters are
not displayed. For example, if I copy [data1][data2] in excel and
paste it onto TextArea, "data1data2" is displayed instead of
"data1<tab>data2" If I copy "data1data2" in TextArea and paste it onto
a text editor, it becomes "data1<tab>data2" so the tab character is
there, but just is not rendered. I also found that pressing Ctrl+Tab
enters four spaces instead of a tab character. Is it easy to
fix/customize this?

2. When text in TextArea is selected across multiple lines, font of
selected text looks different. If text is in English, it looks okay,
but when text is in Japanese, it looks funny. Is it possible to use
the same font for selected text?

3. Mouse drag in TextArea causes IndexOutOfBoundsException ->

4. InputText should support editable="false". I worked around with a
single line TextArea with editable="false", but the pain part is
TextArea doesn't scroll horizontally with mouse drag.


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