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From calathus <calat...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: why ListButton.getListData returns List<?> ?
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2011 22:28:47 GMT
On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 12:31 PM, Greg Brown <gk_brown@verizon.net> wrote:

> > I think you do not write Java code using these API directly(relying on
> BXML), you would think the casting is not big deal.
> These APIs are typically used from code, not BXML - I just don't think that
> casting is a big deal in general. Sometimes it is necessary, especially when
> APIs are designed to be generic (like this one). But, like I said, it is
> easy enough to add a type parameter to the method to avoid the need to cast.

If the generic is something essential in the modeling, this type of cast
issue may be ignored.
But the use of anonymous type is just to accept some List<*> class as the
setter argument.
We may set different List<A.>, List<B> to the same instance of A, also we
may add any type of object.
A is designed to hold just List<Object>.
If we consider this way, enforced cast is very technical thing, should be
Also the intended cast to List<J> is not type safe anyway. So such usage
itself is a bit tricky, maybe deserve for double
casting.(or getList(Class<T> cls).

The one suggested clint will not allow simple getList as default. List<?>
_getList() may be supported for a bit safer casting.

'A' should be implemented this way, avoid anonymous type in instance

static class A {
        List<Object> ts;

        // new version
        public List<Object> getList() {
            return ts;
        public <T> List<T> getList(Class<T> cls) {
            return (List<T>)ts;
        public <T> void setList(List<T> ts) {
            this.ts = (List<Object>)ts;

        public List<?> _getList() {
            return ts;
        public void setList1(List<?> ts) {
            this.ts = (List<Object>)ts;

> > If you don't like to have two methods, it may just support List<Object>
> version. anyway we can alway cast to any type with double cast!
> Blech! That's even worse.  :-)


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