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From Greg Brown <gk_br...@verizon.net>
Subject Re: [pivot] are there any tools to convert bxml to Java?
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2011 13:33:48 GMT
> I'm not familar with the implemetation of selectedIndex, but my guess is that it is used
when some getSelectedElement is called. If that is the case, if there are no selected element
is found, it can use the selectedDefaultIndex information to get the element from the elements.
These or some lazy evaluation function are often used idiom, it is not umbiguos.

Again, Pivot components have no knowledge of "elements". "selectedIndex" simply maps to getSelectedIndex()
and setSelectedIndex() in the TabPane class.

> As I said, (although I mentioned code generator), my main concern is what kind of hand
write coding style can be supported with Pivot library.
> If there is not much such exception like selectedIndex, I do not care much for this issue.

These cases certainly exist, but they are not the common case.

> But I think there are useful information for you to understand what kind of problems
pivot users would face when they start writing Java code directly.

I do understand these issues. Pivot is fundamentally a Java UI toolkit. Originally, it didn't
even have a markup language - all user interfaces were constructed entirely programmatically.
We added markup support later for the sake of convenience and readability.


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