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From Luiz Gustavo <luizgustav...@gmail.com>
Subject BXML doubt
Date Sat, 18 Dec 2010 15:39:36 GMT

I'm writing an application, and I'm facing problems to meka a frame stay in
front of a Window. I'm following the examples in the tutorial, specifically
that one related to Window.
I still can not understand what is exactly the relation between the bxml
file and the base class passed to the BXMLSerializer.readObject method. I'll
show what Im doing:

I have a main class, the entry point to my application:

public class Main implements Application {

  private Display display = null;
  private Window window = null;
  BXMLSerializer bxmlSerializer;
  public static final String LANGUAGE_KEY = "language";


public Main(){

    Action.getNamedActions().put("abrirCategorias", new Action() {
      public void perform(Component source) {
          try {
            Categoria categoria = (Categoria)
bxmlSerializer.readObject(Categoria.class, "categoria.bxml");
          catch (IOException e) {
            // TODO Auto-generated catch block
          catch (SerializationException e) {
            // TODO Auto-generated catch block



Among other Actions, I have that one defined in the construtor, that is used
to open a frame in front of my main Window.
The case, as I said before, is that when this action is fired, the frame
stay behind the main window.

This is the Class used for the frame (this is still quite simple):

public class Categoria extends Frame implements Bindable {

  private TextInput descricao;

  public void initialize(Map<String, Object> arg0, URL arg1, Resources arg2)
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub


and this is the BXML file:

<jm:Categoria icon="@application_form.png" title="Categorias"
    xmlns:jm="jm.pivot.app.controle" maximized="false"
    styles="{padding:{top:0, left:4, bottom:4, right:4},

    <Border styles="{backgroundColor:null, padding:2}">
            <Label text="Descricao:"/>
            <TextInput bxml:id="descricao"/>


Now, I'd like to undestand if I'm doing the right thing, passing the
Categoria.class in the readObject method, since Categoria class implements

How can i make Categoria Frame stay in front of Window?

Thanks in advance!

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