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From Jacques Granduel <jgrand...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: launching Pivot programmatically
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2010 12:59:32 GMT
Thanks for your remark and I had indeed seen I could use "Pivot scripting",
but I want to dynamically shape my view from the outside, according to some

What could be the best way to send this object (as a String or
ByteArrayInputStream ?) to BXMLSerializer as the actual API seems to be

java.lang.Object readObject(java.net.URL)
java.lang.Object readObject(java.io.InputStream)
java.lang.Object readObject(java.lang.Class,java.lang.String,boolean)
java.lang.Object readObject(java.lang.Class,java.lang.String)
java.lang.Object readObject(java.net.URL,org.apache.pivot.util.Resources).

I modified the ScriptApplication.java for allowing path/to/file.bxml to be
accepted beside classpath resource using File(...).toURI().toURL().

As for the String, I wanted the equivalent, say (example in JS/Rhino)
JS>var win = <Window title="Hello BXML!" maximized="true"
    <Label text="Hello BXML!"
        styles="{font:'Arial bold 24', color:'#ff0000',
            horizontalAlignment:'center', verticalAlignment:'center'}"/>
JS>ScriptApplication.main(["--src=" + win]);
The latest crashed because DesktopApplicationContext.java splits args this
if (arg.startsWith("--")) {
                String[] property = arg.split("=");
and my bxml snippet is full of "=" due to the attribute values!
So, as a quick workaround, I kept the first element of the property table,
and joined back the rest.

String src = properties.get(SRC_KEY);
InputStream ins = new ByteArrayInputStream(src.getBytes());
BXMLSerializer bxmlSerializer = new BXMLSerializer();
window = (Window)bxmlSerializer.readObject(ins);

This way it seems to work nicely.

So... may I suggest adding loading bxml from File and String also?

Thanks once again for your help,

2010/11/22 Greg Brown <gkbrown@mac.com>

> > So my reasons for doing that kind of stuff, well, er, curiosity? learning
> and playing Pivot from a tiny environment, manipulating the bxml xml with
> E4X and dynamically injecting js code in the GUI ?... I have to learn how to
> directly pass a bxml String or E4X/XML object to ScriptApplication and to
> manipulate objects from the rhino shell, as it's doable in Swing.
> OK. Just in case you were not aware, BXML allows you to embed script code
> directly within your markup, and will invoke the appropriate script engine
> as needed. So don't necessarily need to launch Pivot from within Rhino to
> use Rhino.
> G

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