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From "Roger L. Whitcomb" <Roger.Whitc...@ingres.com>
Subject Re: JVM crash on exit
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2010 23:08:02 GMT
The problem seems to be very intermittent and my complete app is way to
big (including supporting libs) to zip up.  

I will try a newer JDK, but the JRE I was running is the latest
available from Oracle (1.6.0_21).

I will provide more information if I can figure out a regular fail case.

~Roger Whitcomb

On Oct 20, 2010, at 2:02 PM, Sandro Martini wrote:

> Hi Roger,
> it's a strange (and bad, usually related to some JVM problem) thing.
> Have you tried with a newer JDK / JRE ?
> if you have a simple test to run (or some source to compile and try),
> attach here all in a zip so we can try ... or if you have an Internet
> accessible URL put the link here.
> At least I think that generally speaking the minimum Java version
> "useful" now is the 6 Update 18 ... many products now require it as a
> minimum version:
> staying on the client side for example the latest JavaFX-1.3.1
> requires JDK 6 Update 13 minimum (JDK 6 Update 18 or later
> recommended), and its SDK is shipped with JDK 6 Update 21, take a look
> here:
> but I agree that with some customers this could be a problem.
> In any case for us could be interesting to understand if it's
> something related to Pivot or not ... give us more info.
> Bye,
> Sandro

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