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From Dmitry Mamonov <dmitry.s.mamo...@gmail.com>
Subject wtkxbrowser (answers)
Date Sat, 09 Oct 2010 08:34:23 GMT
To: Giuliani Sanches

>Do you have some version to use with pivot 2.0 (trunk) ?

No, I don't have. But hope it could be done easy.

You may download wtkxbrowser from svn and replace
dependencies for project with newer version or pivot.

Use latest netbeans version.

I will try to solve this problem in some common way,
may be next week.


To: aappddeevv

>Looks good. Suggest adding a couple of useful features.


I don't know how zooming in UI designer could help in work, but anyway
- there is common short-cuts in pivot: CTRL+SHIFT+PLUS and
which you can use to zoom UI.

>clearing and opening BXML files that were open before the last app shutdown.

Looks like I missed everything about BXML files, it seems to be Bean XML?
Actually all opened WTKX (or other extention) file saved in
WtkxBrowserSession.json file in current directory.
So next time you start wtkxbrowser all recent files (and tabs) will be
It works not perfectly (it's better to store session not in current
directory but in user directory I think), but it good enough for
begining (I think).

>I also found that snapshoting the current editor (or having an edit stack) was helpful
for quickly working through BXML code.

There was an idea to embedd text editor into wtkxbrowser, but in the
end I decided not to make it. And it was for the reason.
Currently, and especially in pivot 1.4, there is no full-functional
code editor. Yes, it is possible to edit text with pivot but
it allmost not possible to write code in pivot text component.
Instead I have edded monitor which updates UI each time when source
file (WTKX and so) changes.
So you may use any code editor you like to work with xml source files
(NetBeans, Scite, Notepad++, hhhhmmm emacs?).
>From my expierence it is quite performant to work next way: split your
screen into two parts,
place text editor on left side, wtrxbrowser on right side, edit code
and watch changes in UI in realtime.

AND: I will try to add  "edit" button to open current resource in
corresponding editor from wtrkbrowser directly.

>I don’t have time to maintain the version I built for evaluation purposes
so seeing this in your tool would be fantastic.

>Also, suggest the ability (not sure I saw it) to dynamically modify the
classpath so that you can integrate into any build tree when dependent libs
are required. Found that highly useful. Not sure I saw that in your code.

Yes, classpath is the problem, I will try to fix it.

Currently you can setup any classpath directly using java -cp
myjar1.jar;myjar2.jar -jar wtkxbrowser.jar but it is a trick.


Sorry for little mess in my reply, next time I will reply directly.

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