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From TJB <zoomc...@gmail.com>
Subject Pivot SVG integration
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2010 04:42:33 GMT
Hello Pivot,

Recently I looked at Pivot and became very happy with what I saw, lots of progress over the
last year! I'm impressed with the fine widgets and so much more and will be going through
the tutorials next. The WKTX also reminds me of the declarative script in the Sage API by
Sparseware which I liked when I reviewed it.

Presently we work with Java 2D and the SVGSalamander API. The ability to draw up vector art
in inkscape or illustrator and then open the result SVG in a Java app works well. Is there
any support for SVG in Pivot presently?

If not please look into SVGSalamander as an addition, it does most of what Batik did but is
not so huge, slow or old. If SVGSalamander would be integrated (by us or you) what are your
recommendations on how to approach this task?

Also, when is Pivot 2.0 available and is there a roadmap?

P.S. Hey, it was a good day! JavaFX Script got dumped and JavaFX 2.0 will not be seen until
Q3 2011. You guys are way ahead already and the road is clear for miles and miles. Go Pivot


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