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From Chris Bartlett <cbartlet...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Getting a TreeView node from mouse click
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2010 13:17:32 GMT
> 2.       I don’t see any place for “userData” in the TreeNode object, so
> if I want to add stuff (for instance, that is language-independent so I can
> do string compares on it in any language), do I have to subclass TreeNode
> and/or TreeBranch to create a compatible object to populate the TreeView
> data model with?
> The reason there is no "userData" property on TreeNode is because TreeNode
> and TreeBranch are simply the default implementations for these classes. Any
> class that implements List can be a branch, and any Object can be a leaf -
> you just need to define an appropriate renderer. The default
> TreeViewNodeRenderer is capable of rendering TreeNode and TreeBranch, but it
> is fairly easy to write your own - you can see an example of a custom
> renderer in the XML Viewer demo:
> http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/pivot/trunk/demos/src/org/apache/pivot/demos/xml/
> This application uses a custom renderer to present instance of
> org.apache.pivot.xml.Element and org.apache.pivot.xml.TextNode as branches
> and leaves, respectively.
> Depending on how you get the data for your tree view, you may find that a
> custom renderer is more efficient. For example, if you return a tree
> structure as XML from the server, you could do something similar to what is
> done in XML Viewer. You can simply use the deserialized XML (obtained from
> XMLSerializer) as your tree model data. This saves the step of converting
> your data into TreeNodes and TreeBranches for presentation in the TreeView.

I certainly see the value of giving the default TreeNode some sort of place
holder for user data, but think that a simple Object might suffice.

If the user needs the specific functionality of a Map they can place one in
there, likewise with any other type of Object.   Defaulting to just an
Object would remove the overhead of creating a new and potentially
unrequired UserData Map, but the lazy initialization could be used to keep
the nodes as lightweight as possible if it is a genuine concern.   Overall
though, I don't mind much either way ;)

I believe that adding something like this would be beneficial as it would
allow users to focus on just writing a new TreeView.NodeRenderer (or
extending TreeViewNodeRenderer), and I don't see a downside to such a simple



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