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From Mark Miller <markrmil...@gmail.com>
Subject Fluid, Scalable Pivot UI's
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2010 01:36:22 GMT

I've been working with pivot for a little while now (overall, it's been
a nice experience), and I still cannot see how to make a nice UI that
scales with the amount of screen real estate available - like most
modern desktop applications.

I'd kind of come to the conclusion that this wasn't really possible -
and that pivot focused much more on fixed width applet type applications.

The best I could find was trying to hack around using tables and the
ability to do width by percentage with columns - but that doesn't seem
like a hopeful path.

However, looking in the FAQ, I see this:

"Pivot applications are inherently resolution independent. Bitmapped and
vector images are interchangeable, and the entire user interface can be
scaled to take advantage of high-resolution displays or for
accessibility purposes."

This almost sounds like I can make a nice fluid UI that uses the space
available. So what am I missing? The components I am using do not scale
based on window size - something that's quite easy to accomplish with
Swing or any other UI tookits I've used.

Any help?

Thanks a lot, great software

- Mark

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